• Norelco Maximum Precision Groom Kit All-In-One 9 Pieces vs Wahl Trimmer All-In-One Lithium Ion

    Keeping a beard is fine, provided that you are equipped with everything to maintain it. At least this is what my friend Ben and I feel. Though maintaing a suave look is not a big deal, provided that you visit the salon regularly, it can seriously lead to a big dent in your pocket. To make things easier and cheaper, both of us decided to have our personal units of beard trimmers. While I found my pick in the Norelco Maximum Precision Groom Kit All-In-One 9 Pieces, Ben thought that the Wahl Trimmer All-In-One Lithium Ion will surely do him some good. After months of using them, we can say that none of us were wrong with our choices, and now, we have decided to present a comparative study of these two units for you. If you have been looking for a mid range all-In-One beard trimmer, and cannot decide among the many models in the market, then perhaps, our guideline will help you.

    How Do The Units Differ In Design

    This Norelco Maximum Precision grooming kit comprises a very innovative, and extremely advanced Microblade technology which helps me to make my own style statement just in the way I desire. Since I have an eye for everything new and dynamic, I have been very impressed with the quality of blade of this unit. Its trimmer incorporates specially treated Inox steel blades that allow for a longer blade life. In fact, these blades are found to be sharper than titanium! It also has a unique open trimmer design, as well as an in-built miniature trimming system, which have been devised to render an absolute control over the unit and visible straight and smooth lines.

    My friend Ben, who prefers to go a bit traditional with the process of trimming, appreciates the dual shaver attachment of the trimmer that gives him a razor-like cutting experience. Even the incredibly precise blades are evocative of a bygone era. Since the blades are made of carbon steel, they are meant to provide an extra long service to its users. Finally, I also like the fact that the no-slip design of the trimmers helps my friend to avoid many of those accidents that he is likely to face in course of trimming.

    How They Vary In Performance

    The unit I have comes with 9 different attachments which are accesorized with everything that a man of style will need for an impeccable self-grooming. For example, it has a mini shaver, an eyebrow comb to tend my wild, bushy brows, a beard and moustache comb, a clipper comb, a nose and ear trimmer and what not! In fact, the trimmer is even endowed with 9 diverse locking-length settings that allows me trim my hair perfectly, no matter the length I wish to shape it.

    Now for Ben’s Wahl! The kit come with four blade attachments. Each of the attachments are devised to tend different types of body hair. While the 1” narrow trimmer blade is meant to trim the tricky hair on the neck and beard region, the 1 1/2″  is just the thing to cut those wild body hair of his. In fact he uses the same attachment to dress his hair. Once again, the dual shavers give a close shave to his face and neck and finally, with the 4/16″, he can trim the smaller hair, including those which are there in the eye-brows, ears and nose. I have seen that each of the attachments are very easy to snap on and off so he can change them with no problem. It also comes with a set of three comb-guard attachment. The Six-Position(2mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm)Guide and the three guards (Stubble, Medium, Long) are specifically meant for the 1″ Blade Head. Also, there is a Three Guards system (1/8″, 1/4″, 3/8″)for the 1 1/2″ Blade Head.


    Honestly, I do not have the patience to maintain the razor blades in the traditional way. I mean, who wants to keep oiling the blades so that they can be used over and over again. Since the blades of my trimmer are made of especially treated Inox steel blades, they hardly need any upkeep or lubrication. I also love the fact that it has a storage compartment which keeps each of the accessories in place. And as for its cleaning…well I just keep it under running water and that’s it!

    The unit that Ben owns is strong enough to deal with the thickest beard and it does not get clogged up by any amount of body hair. The blade included blade brush helps to keep things clean.

    I know that his trimmer kit also incorporates a small pot of blade oil, and it even comes with a hardy plastic valet tray that holds the trimmer and all other attachments in one place.

    Battery Back Up

    I can charge my model just when the battery refuses to work, so franky speaking, I have never paid heed to the details of the battery backup of my duty. However, Ben says that his “Whal” has quite a powerful motor, and rechargeable lithium battery which, after getting fully charged, can run up to 30-40 minutes.

    Incorporated Accessories

    The box of my Norelco came with Large trimmer blade, fine detailing blade, mini-shaver, charger plus storage stand, clipper comb, moustache comb, precision trimmer, nose trimmer, and eyebrow comb.

    As for Ben’s unit, it came with trimming guide, the 17 attachments, including the accessories, the storage tray, cleaning brush, small styling/beard comb, a Instruction Sheet listing detailed instructions that contains tips on shaving all areas and a bottle of oil for blades.

    Customers’ Opinion

    After a quick visit to Amazon.com, I came to know that my unit has gained an overall rating of 3.9 out of 5 stars while Ben’s unit, lags a little with a 3.8 rating. Of course, each of the units has certain drawbacks that hinders them from boasting of a perfect rating, but even then, I will say that the drawbacks that the users have pointed about them appears to be triffle, when compared with their functionality. While some of the buyers of Norelco have not been found to be very happy with its capability to trim hair, the users of the Wahl Trimmer have mentioned that many of the attachments appear to be a bit flimsy. Can’t you take care of these so called “flaws”?

    Money Matters

    The Norelco Maximum Precision Groom Kit All-In-One 9 Pieces, can be had for $299.99 while the Wahl Trimmer All-In-One Lithium Ion is available for two diffrerent item package quantity. The set of 6 comes for about $279.39 (that is ,$46.57 / Item). The single set obviously comes at  a more reasonable price than its other counterpart. It has a price tag of about $40. Finally, I can say that the guideline I have prepared for you is a short but effective synopsis of the different attributes and their best utilities of them. If you feel like deciding on any of these units, or feel like learning more interesting things about them, then Amazon is the website you can check with.