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  • How to shave a beard
    Are you an entrant in the world of shaving, or have you been shaving for what seems like ages now? No matter the time you have been performing this very important part of self-grooming, a clean and...  Learn More
  • She gave a high sigh; high enough to make me look up from the latest edition of AutoWeek. Her eyes were glued to our giant screen TV where they were broadcasting an interview with Brad Pitt. I gath...  Learn More
  • In the opening note the one thing that I would like to say is that a research conducted by the Northumbria University found out that women consider men’s bushy beards to be less attractive than l...  Learn More
  • A beard is something which can make a world of difference to any man of style and substance. Grooming your beard is, no doubt, an art. Whether you just want to have a beard, or flaunt it as a means...  Learn More
  • Gone are those days, when in order to grow a beard men would just stop shaving. Today’s men do not want an untidy appearance. Even if the look is rugged they want it to be specially created. More...  Learn More
  • Who says that you will have to suffer a dent in your pocket to look smart? Just have a look at the Wahl 9916-817 Groomsman Beard and Mustache Trimmer. Simple, economic and effective, this beard tri...  Learn More
  • Don’t you think having so many unwanted facial hairs is so untidy and annoying? With Wahl 9918-6171 Groomsman Beard and Mustache Trimmer your grooming experience will not be the same again. If yo...  Learn More
  • Keeping a beard is fine, provided that you are equipped with everything to maintain it. At least this is what my friend Ben and I feel. Though maintaing a suave look is not a big deal, provided tha...  Learn More
  • Men just love beard trimmers, and why shouldn’t they? It gives them the opportunity to change their appearance at will. But most beard trimmers are costly making men stay away from them. In this ...  Learn More
  • beard-trimmer-buying-guide
    Be it the professional world or otherwise, no one takes to grizzly, unkempt facial hair. A neat and short beard is the order of the day. Not grooming it regularly can make your beard look scraggly ...  Learn More
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